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Blind Hollow

February 13, 2011

Some people might say that going on an overnight ski trip in the middle of a school week is irresponsible.  I would probably agree with those people.

Sam and I started skinning around 8:30 pm, and caught up with Paul, James, Haley, and Mandi about halfway on the trail to the yurt.  Finding a mostly-snow covered yurt in the dark with no trail was a little bit of a challenge, but we made it eventually.  Casey and Whitney showed up at the yurt at 3:30 in morning, and I wondered whether or not they had made the right choice in leaving so late.  We slept in, ate pancakes, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns, and went skiing.


Sam and Haley. Photograph by Jacob B.

You can see why it was hard to find the yurt in the middle of the night. Photograph by Jacob B.

Ready to ski in the morning. Photograph by Jacob B.

Casey getting ready for the first run of the day. Photograph by Jacob B.

Sam. Photograph by Jacob B.

James. Photograph by Jacob B.

Uphill skiing: it's like downhill skiing, only harder. . . and less fun. Photograph by Jacob B.

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