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Rotten Ice

January 25, 2011


Jeremy. Photograph by Jacob B.

Although ice conditions were not ideal, we decided to climb at a new area up Logan Canyon that we had seen but knew nothing about.  We found only 20 feet of vertical ice, but it looked fun enough so we geared up and Jeremy hopped on the first lead.  Ice shattered and fell as he drove his axes in and stepped off the ground.  The ice was rotten and broke in to  chunks instead of providing secure placements.  Jeremy swung his axe again and found no purchase.  The ice holding his other three points broke and he half fell, half stepped back on to the snow.  We laughed nervously and Jeremy got back on the ice.  20 feet later he yelled down, asking me if I wanted to lead it.  20 feet of rotten ice?  Yeah . . . no thanks.


Steph topping out. Photograph by Jacob B.

Me. Photograph by Steph P.

We TRed the thin ice on the left side of the above photo and then slid on our stomachs on a frozen pond. While we were sliding, we found a few bolted mixed lines near the ice.  Mixed routes in Logan Canyon?  Very intriguing. . .

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