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Skiing and Climbing and Stuff

January 17, 2011

In order to celebrate the civil rights movement, I spent my weekend skiing and climbing with friends.  It’s what Martin would have wanted.

Bart at his happiest. Photograph by Jacob B.

Another party on the skin track. Photograph by Jacob B.

Kirsten. Photograph by Jacob B.

Skiing at Garden City was great.  The snow was softer than I anticipated and we had a positive and pleasant outing.

On Sunday, we wanted to climb some ice.  Unfortunately, it was raining quite hard.  Jeremy had spotted some new ice up the canyon that looked promising and we all wanted to check it out.  So Jeremy, Jared, and I geared up and prayed that the rain would turn to snow by the time we got up the canyon.  It was 38 degrees F when we parked the car.  Not even close to freezing.


Jared on the approach. Photograph by Jacob B.

The approach turned out to be fairly miserable and involved a lot of bushwacking and postholing in wet snow.  We were soaking wet by the time we got to the ice, but we were excited.  The climbing looked easy from the bottom so Jeremy decided to solo the route.  I tied in and half led, half soloed for a hundred feet or so, and then belayed Jared up.


Jeremy. Photograph by Jacob B.

The ice was wet plastic.  The last 25 feet of ice was steeper and intimidating.  Jeremy soloed to the top and I felt like it would be a good idea to place a screw at the crux.


The crux. Photograph by Jacob B.

Jared topping out. You can see Jeremy at the bottom in blue. Photograph by Jacob B.


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