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Broken gear != broken trip

January 15, 2011

When I realized that biochem lab was not being held on the first week of school, I called Paul and asked him if I could go skiing with him.  Thirty minutes later he stopped his bus in front of my house.

Nate J. and the bus. Photograph by Jacob B.

Four of us rode up the canyon in that bus, and I was the only non-splitboarder in the crew.  I was a pariah among pariahs.

Instead of writing a long and convoluted story about the myriad difficulties we had on this trip, I will just say that two of the three rental splitboards broke, Nate hitched a short ride with some snowmobilers, and there was a lot of bootpacking and frustration.

Paul. Photograph by Jacob B.

Haley is conquering the steep section while Paul and Nate bootpack it with smiles on their faces. Photograph by Jacob B.

Air Paul. Photograph by Jacob B.

Nate's 360. Photograph by Jacob B.

Haley. Photograph by Jacob B.

Even though there were a lot of setbacks on this trip, we had a really good time.  Everyone was positive and we still managed to have some fun.  Plus, we got to ride in the bus.

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  1. Ang permalink
    January 16, 2011 3:28 pm

    Yay short bus!

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