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City of Rocks and a lot of climbing

August 3, 2010

August 1, 2010. Steph, Jeremy and I spent a full day at the City of Rocks this weekend.  We got to Almo late at night and slept in our secret campsite.  Our secret campsite is a terrible campsite and we love it.

Passive pro. Photograph by Jeremy Henderson.

Photograph by Jeremy Henderson.

We climbed all day.  I got in 6.5 routes, 5 of which were harder than anything I’ve ever climbed on granite.  By the end of the day my arms were useless.

The whole trip went really well, so there aren’t really any stories to tell, but we did get some good pictures.

Jeremy on a great 5.10. Photograph by Jacob Buckner.

Steph following the route. Photograph by Jacob Buckner.

5.10d. Photograph by Jacob Buckner.

Photograph by Jacob Buckner.

Me moving past the corner. Photograph by Steph Peterson.

ACTION SHOT. Photograph by Jacob Buckner.

Interceptor. Photograph by Jacob Buckner.

Top-roping the hardest crack in The City. Photograph by Jacob Buckner.

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