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Torn, Broken, and Dislocated

March 2, 2010

About five months ago Jeremy, Ang, and I decided to go longboarding down Green Canyon.  I had to pressure Ang in to going because she wasn’t very excited about it.

We have longboarded down this hill several times and it’s usually fun and moderately fast.  If you start from the top and kick a lot it’s fast enough to be fun, but not too scary.  This night, however, there was a strong tailwind coming out of the canyon, and as we rode the hill, it was definitely fast enough to be scary.

I carved hard to slow down, and when I tried to foot drag I lost my balance and wrecked.  I did a high-speed somersault and hit my foot on the ground.  Jeremy flew past me.  He had started lower down the hill than me, but he was still going way too fast.  He kept control of his speed wobbles and blew through a stop sign.

It is quite fortunate that there were no cars crossing that intersection.

Ang never made it down to us.  Either she had decided not to ride the hill, or something had gone wrong.  Jeremy and I walked up the hill in the dark until we heard a moan coming from the side of the road.  I ran and got the car and Jeremy and I very carefully placed Ang in the front seat.

We spent a few hours in the hospital and found out that Ang had broken her collar-bone and re-torn her ACL.  She had a significant amount of road rash and was in a substantial amount of pain.  The doctor was very critical of us and asked us if we just got on longboards with no idea about what we were doing.  I did not appreciate his critism and told him no, in fact I’ve been in plenty of longboarding wrecks.

X-ray of Ang's new and improved clavicle.

Five months later Ang is still healing.  She has had two surgeries and she no longer walks with a cane.

Ang's shredded ACL.

I, on the other hand, still have a long road to recovery.  I thought that I had just bruised my foot, but a recent trip to the podiatrist I learned that in that wreck I had actually dislocated my pinkie toe. The doctor numbed my foot and popped the toe back in place, but within a few hours it had popped back out-of-place.

It’s hard to imagine that someone could just bounce back from an injury as serious as this, but I have much faith.  Longboarding is a dangerous sport, but the thrill is worth the risk.

I’m just glad that Ang didn’t dislocate her pinkie toe too.  That might have been too much to handle.

X-ray of my dislocated toe.

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  1. Broken Gurl permalink
    March 2, 2010 11:59 pm

    Oh. Ouch. lolz.

  2. March 15, 2010 12:15 pm

    When I was younger I once broke my collarbone while taking a jump over a ditch with a bicycle. I didn’t get any type of fancy metal peice to keep the bones together though. All they gave me was a harness to wear on my back to keep my shoulders aligned but it didn’t work very well. When you are a 11 year old kid just starting your summer vacation the last thing you think about is a harness. Nearly drowned dozens of times swimming and now eleven years later I still have a bump due to improper healing.

    Glad to know your friend is on the road to recovery! And sucks about your pinkie man.


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