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Adventure Sledding

February 25, 2010
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Dan, Sam, and I all had an evening free, and we decided to go sledding – but not ordinary, boring sledding.  We grabbed Dan’s sled and drove up to Hardware Ranch.  Hardware Ranch is at a high enough elevation to be above the Cache Valley inversion, so as we walked through the snow we could see the stars and moon for the first time in several nights.

We climbed a small foothill covered in trees and bushes, and agreed that this would be a good place to do some adventure sledding.  Dan did a trial run down half the length of the hill, and we built snow banks to steer the speeding sled away from the bigger, more menacing trees.

I climbed the hill to the crest where we could look out over all of Hardware Ranch.  I laid down on the sled on my chest with my head downhill and surveyed the run.  My biggest worry was the five foot gap in between two fairly stout looking trees and the bottom of the run.  If I could avoid those trees I would consider my run a success.

I built a lot of speed in the first several feet and then caught air off a bush.  I landed and fought to keep my eyes at least somewhat open as I was whipped in the face by all the bushes lining our run.  I could only vaguely see my path as I bounced off a shrub and dropped five feet down where the snow knocked my breath out of me.  No time to worry about breathing, because those trees were coming up fast.  I leaned to my left as hard as I could and successfully shot the gap between the trees and hit the sled-kicker we had built.  I landed with a camera flash, a face full of snow, and much jubilant screaming.

Dan in mid-flight, clearing the Sam Gap. Photo by Jacob Buckner.

We hit the run several times, and decided to go home.  Oh, but before we left, Sam wanted to go one more time.

The run was getting washed out and our snow banks had been destroyed, so this time when Sam came screaming through the bushes he wasn’t able to steer to the left.  He SLAMMED in to tree and Dan and I held our breath.

Hey, is your arm still in its socket?

Ugh.  Yeah.

At this point Dan and I fell to the snow in laughter.

Sam hit the tree on two more runs and we decided to go home.

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  1. Mike Winters permalink
    February 27, 2010 1:21 pm

    Epic. I miss you guys.

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