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City of Rocks and Swine Flu

February 24, 2010

Our idea for a weekend trip to the City of Rocks in Idaho went from initial conception to full-on execution in just a matter of hours.  I wanted so badly to go on this trip that I ignored all the signs of sickness in my body.  By the time I finished packing I was feeling worse, and as Jeremy, Meghan, Maggie and I drove out of town, I had a confession.

Hey, I’ve been spending some time recently with my family who all have swine flu, and I’m beginning to feel really sick.

This was not a popular thing to say to a group of people on their way to a beautiful climbing destination.  We stopped the car and Jeremy called his uncle, who is a doctor.  After explaining the situation, the doctor said I would probably feel too sick to climb if I had the swine flu.

Of course I was not too sick to climb.

Jeremy and Megan abseiling at the City of Rocks. Photo by Jacob Buckner.

We climbed until it was too dark to see, and then set up camp, ate some great food, and went to bed.  In the end, no one got swine flu, and we all got to climb some fantastic routes in a beautiful location.

Jeremy on rappel. Photo by Jacob Buckner.

I learned a valuable lesson this trip:  Sometimes when you ignore your problems, they just go away.

Megan participating in some essential post-climb yoga. Photo by Jacob Buckner.

P.S. I realize that there are not any photos of people actually climbing.  Weird, huh?

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  1. February 24, 2010 6:56 pm

    Dude, looks sick, we need to hit up the City ASAP.


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